Marine Services

American Register of Shipping (ARS) is a leading company in marine industry providing high quality services in the field of shipping and management. The primary objective of the company is to provide ship owners and operators with cost effective ship management Service.

Our Classification Overview

Classification is carried out according to the principles verified by international practice and consists of the execution of technical requirements known as Rules & Regulations Guides.

(ARS) confirms compliance with the Rules & Regulations Guides through a regular survey scheme carried out to ships and other marine related structures and issues the appropriate Certificate of Class and enters the ship into the Register of Ships.


Our Product and Services

  • Classification of ships’ related services include:
  • Surveys of ship’s hull
  • Surveys of machinery & electrical plants
  • Surveys of refrigerated cargo installations
  • Approval of service suppliers such as Radio Surveyors, Thickness Gauging Firms, NDT Firms, In-water Diving Firms, etc.

(ARS) Classification covers the following:

  • Sea-going ships
  • Inland waterways vessels
  • Floating docks
  • Floating cranes


(ARS) Class has achieved wide acceptance by ship owners, flag states and a number of P&I clubs and underwriters.